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Other Related Books (Not Available from Amazon)

The following Books and CD's are not available at Amazon. Out of the FOG receives no royalty from the products listed here. Click here for books available at Amazon.



Related Books (Not Available From Amazon)

  Book Cover - "Splitting"   Book Cover - "Putting The Pieces Together"    
  SPLITTING: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing a Borderline or Narcissist   Putting The Pieces Together    
  by William A. Eddy  

by Joy A. Jensen


"SPLITTING" is designed for anyone facing a high conflict divorce, whether or not your spouse meets the criteria for a Borderline or Narcissistic Personality. Its explanations of WHAT TO EXPECT in Family Court and WHAT TO DO to protect yourself and your children, can be used by anyone, including your attorney, your therapist, your family and others involved in your case.


Putting The Pieces Together is a practical guide to recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder by teaching the reader how to achieve healthy, happy living. While the book is primarily geared toward helping a person living with BPD, anyone may benefit from the simple but effective techniques offered.

  Book Cover - "An Umbrella for Alex"   CD Cover - "You're My World"    
  An Umbrella for Alex   You're My World (3 CD Set)    
  by Rachel Rashkin  

by Randi Kreger, Ken Lewis and James Paul Shirley


"An Umbrella for Alex" tells the story of how a young boy learns to understand and cope with his mother’s BPD illness. Written to be read with a therapist or parent, the book reassures affected children that they did not cause and are not responsible for a BPD parent’s volatile behavior.


"You're My World" is a 3-CD package with information and advice for individuals who are involved in custody disputes with people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. The CD features an extended interview by Randi Kreger, co-author of "Stop Walking on Eggshells" of Ken Lewis, Ph.D., a Registered Custody Evaluator (R.C.E.) who specializes in interstate cases and James Paul Shirley, MSW, a therapist with 15 years of experience with personality disorders.




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