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Re: UK Dads
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Hi guys,
Wow crushed Dad. This whole situation that we face is so desperately horrible and we often feel helpless. I like many have tried to leave and nearly got to the point of divorce but just got hovered back in mostly because I missed my boys and she was actively preventing me from seeing them.

I have turned a corner and started being different with my wife. I have made the concerted effort to no longer be a victim to her rages and awful behaviour. I have taken a lot of time to reflect on this and now act in a completely different way in that I regard her as an irritation that can be ignored. The foundation for this was to fully understand my own boundaries and needs and although I was initially scared of the anger and rage that would inevitably come of this I took it for what it was which is essentially her own hatred for herself. I have no attraction to my wife anymore, as I have seen so many of you say but my love for my kids is my driving force and focus and her needs no longer interest me.....and she knows it. This has worked for me and it won't work for everyone but I wanted to come on to here and empathise with you guys and say that it is so helpful knowing that I am not alone in this and that I am not the only one that struggles with this on a daily basis.

My thoughts are with you all