Tagging onto "The Gift of Fear" with websites about Cluster B crimes

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I am reading "The Gift of Fear," and although author, Gavin de Becker, doesn't really say that Cluster B disorders are the most dangerous, I decided to look up the cases outlined in the book. One such case, Wayne Lo, demonstrated how dangerous narcissists can be, "The jury agreed with the prosecution, and Lo was found guilty on all 17 charges against him, and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole. Lo spent nine months at a maximum security facility at Walpole, Massachusetts, from February to November 1994. He was later transferred to MCI-Norfolk, a medium security prison in Norfolk, Massachusetts." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Lo

See the other examples in this site about how narcissistic rage can lead to very heinous crimes. I run a support group and have tried to remind my members about how dangerous this cluster of PDs can be because of the impulsivity, dramatic tendencies and low tolerance for boredom, and their erratic behaviors, which courses through their veins. I've had concerns about my safety before with my stbxh, and I want to outline some of the traits.

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Re: Tagging onto "The Gift of Fear" with websites about Cluster B crimes
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There was a very well-know and extremely sad murder case in New Zealand that the killer was a Narc. 

His girlfriend had broken up with him (because he was getting possesive and violent) and he couldn't accept it. So he calculatingly hid a knife in his bag, went to her house and locked himself with her into her bedroom, and killed her. During the trial it was discovered he had NPD, and the whole nation got to see this first-hand because he monopolised the witness stand for ages. He thought he was so clever, intellegent and wonderful that the girlfriend deserved to die for rejecting him. Worse, he thought everyone would share his point of view, he was that deluded by his own NPD! It was awful.

Very sad because the girlfriend had seen the red flags, but he still committed such a horrible crime. His rage at her was extremely calculating.