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« on: October 10, 2017, 04:23:27 PM »
Seriously!  I am angry.  Woman to woman, mother to mother, child to parent.   Of all the cockeyed, stupid, immature, bullshit mindsets to keep with you all your life and perpetuate onto your children!   Not doing this ever again to me.  Nope.  Not giving you the ball.  Not going to justify.  Doing boundaries, doing self-care, doing letting go of guilt I didnít cause.  I should have been taken care of.  I should have been protected.   MY child should have been honored in his journey - not cut off to punish me for not toeing your lineÖever moving line.   AND, guess what.  Weíre doing just what I did with dad.   Iím living my best life.   Living well is the best revenge.  Not that I need revenge, but Iím here on this planet for too short of a time to be a part of this ick.  Iím not done with you.  Iíll never be done with you.  Like it or not you made me, Dad is always my dad.  I will be taking care of myself first from now on.  If I can help to make sure that youíre fed and sheltered and clothed, I will.  Though, if you refuse my help, then I wonít be held over a barrel.   Nope, not anymore.  Iím grown, Iím nearly 50, and I will NOT be THAT girl anymore. 



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Re: Nope!
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 02:41:29 AM »
  Iím grown, Iím nearly 50, and I will NOT be THAT girl anymore.

NOT THAT girl!  Oh my God yes. Me neither - Come on all those NOT THAT GIRLS... Let's not leave it a moment longer to grab the women we truly are and  dance with them.  You are so NOT that girl.....