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Title: Public Figures, Amateur Diagnosis and Other Such Discussions
Post by: Spring Butterfly on October 10, 2016, 03:13:04 PM
From the Moderating Team:
We understand a heated political climate in any country, can be triggering and unsettling to those of us who have suffered abuse at the hands of a PD loved one. In order to maintain the supportive and encouraging environment, it is important to remember we are a community that seeks freedom, compassion and understanding for people who have a family member or loved one who suffers from a personality disorder. Our mission is to provide information and support, without judgment, to anyone who has a family member or loved-one who suffers from a personality disorder.

Political comment and opinions have the potential to cause division and strife in our community and we ask they be avoided. We all come from different parts of the world and we all have strongly held differing values and beliefs. In order to keep the community strong and united, we ask that political comments and opinions be left out of our discussions, and that we continue to focus on our mission of supporting and encouraging one another.

Posting guidelines:
We are a diverse community, comprising many races, religions, value systems, and beliefs.  Sometimes people of certain religions or of a particular political persuasion assume that everyone shares their values & beliefs or want to impose these beliefs on everyone.  Feel free to speak about what's important to you and how your values and beliefs affect your situation but please don't assume that everyone else is the same.  Degrading comments about groups of people are subject to removal.

Topics of Discussion:
All posts must relate specifically to your relationship with a personality disordered individual. 

The forum is not to be used as a personal blog, journal, social networking site or for giving and receiving off-topic support or advice. The Cafe is available to enjoy occasional off-topic posts, humor, artistry and discussion. However, excessive off-topic posts will be removed and the member asked to move to a more appropriate forum.

Posting how a public figure's behavior reminds one of a PD person in your life is different from discussion and amateur diagnosis of public figures which isn't supportive of the goals of Out of the FOG forum.

Going forward, posts of a political nature, including discussion and/or comments of various candidates and political parties, are subject to editing or removal without warning at moderators' discretion. Repeated posts by the same member can result in suspension or removal of posting privileges.
Title: Re: Public Figures, Amateur Diagnosis and Other Such Discussions
Post by: Coyote23 on February 05, 2017, 05:32:49 PM
I completely respect this decision and see the need for it.

However, let's say a public figure really DOES trigger you and reminds you of a PD person in your life? Do you have any recommendations where one could go for such a discussion if they are not encouraged and subject to removal here?

Title: Re: Public Figures, Amateur Diagnosis and Other Such Discussions
Post by: xredshoesx on February 05, 2017, 07:16:42 PM
that's a good question- i myself have participated in a  couple of groups on social media where that kind of discussion has taken place
Title: Re: Public Figures, Amateur Diagnosis and Other Such Discussions
Post by: dreamtree on January 31, 2019, 05:40:54 PM
I just saw a short documentary put together by mental health professionals citing their strong opinion that all presidents should undergo certain psychological testing that is required of all people who have access to "The Button" because Presidents are in fact able to tell those others when to push said button, but without having to take those same tests and pass that same standard of psychological scrutiny.

The further state their position that they are required to help people FIRST and keep them safe, and NOT speaking out about a public figure just because s(he) is a public figure when that persons shows signs of danger to others (by, say, pushing the button) would in fact be a violation of that first primary responsibility they have to the safety of their clients AND THE PUBLIC.

As for Amateur diagnoses, I seem to recall reading from the book by the founder of this site that he had to write this book himself, as a non mental health professional, bringing together information that was cloistered up in the world of professional psychiatry, that doesn't generally even want to touch this stuff, leaving families dealing with this, as he put it "on their own".

So, in a sense none of us would be here without Amateur diagnoses... Sometimes they are necessary.
Title: Re: Public Figures, Amateur Diagnosis and Other Such Discussions
Post by: Spring Butterfly on January 31, 2019, 07:14:16 PM
Thanks for your thoughts and this forum is focused on our own healing rather than diagnosing public figures. We focus on behaviors rather than diagnosing those in our personal life we feel display PD behaviors. Some members feel better putting a name to it if they believe it might help their healing from damage toxic person's in their personal life cause.

ETA sticky posts are informational and customarily locked so locking this one.