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Title: Head spinning with coworker
Post by: Justme729 on August 22, 2021, 02:11:40 PM
Iím a new member of a well established team.  Itís always been the 3 of them, now Iím the 4th.   Education field. 

To make a long story short, my observation so far is the team lead says jump and the expected response is ďhow high.Ē   The expectation is we eat lunch together daily.  That during specials time we sit and work together in her room.  I didnít one day and it was a big deal.    The latest is being told I need to find my village for my kids.   I am expect to stay 1-1.5 late daily.   I need to call my mom, named a specific friend, my husband, etc.   Lets just say, I wasnít pleased.  I didnít respond who I wish I had.   I did state, we donít have anyone.  Itís just me and my husband.   I wonít be putting my kids off on others who have their own responsibilities.  Mostly ive just been staying medium chill.

However, I see a confrontation coming.   She doesnít value my education and experience.   
She said it didnít count.  I know she wants to implement something I disagree with strongly.   I can choose to go along with it or cause a stir.   If I cause a stir I have the research to back up my stance.  So Iím not concerned. 

I normally process this stuff with my therapist, but we havenít connected in two weeks due to our schedules/vacations.
Title: Re: Head spinning with coworker
Post by: xredshoesx on August 22, 2021, 04:15:41 PM

i'm in the same field.  you can work to contract and be a great educator.  you can be a team player and not spend every living breathing moment at WORK taking care of other people's children.   i am so tired of the 'teacher as martyr'  idea that folks have of what it means to be a good teacher.

as for shared prep time, unless it's a PLC that's mandatory shouldn't covid had you all social distancing?  i walk on my lunch after i spray down my room.  that's MY TIME. 

good teachers have boundaries.  NO is a complete sentence.  we still have two full weeks before school starts and one full week of break before reporting and my boss, being SO EXCITED to be able to micromanage us all from one place again (more than half our staff taught from home last school year) that we have already received 10 emails after the one we typically get that reminds us what day we are reporting back. TEN EMAILS.   i start my room/ subject prep tomorrow - i am giving a little extra time this week because they broke down my subject to different grade levels and the person who left retired but didn't sort the materials for the custodians to deliver to the different rooms..... and i don't need my colleagues all freaked out by a dearth of extra supplies delivered in the middle of the day our first week back kwim?

Title: Re: Head spinning with coworker
Post by: Empie2204 on August 22, 2021, 05:10:40 PM
Itīs the same all around the world.
(Europe here.)

The trend is that only 0-24 teachers are good.
And school administration staff... thinking one thing, speaking the other and doing the third.

Title: Re: Head spinning with coworker
Post by: Justme729 on August 22, 2021, 05:11:53 PM
I think the health department lady would flip with in person meetings being required.  For whole staff, PLC, mentor-mentee.   We are in a mask mandate in an mask optional school.

I donít mind the occasional late afternoon.   With advance notice.   Or knowing Wednesdays are meeting daysÖ.donít make plans.  I really struggle with boundaries and I am a perfectionist.  Honestly, teaching as long as I have and using a very scripted, workbook based curriculum there isnít much to actually plan or prep.  Most materials are common classroom materials that require no prep.