eastern philosophy helps me when I'm feeling uneasy

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eastern philosophy helps me when I'm feeling uneasy
« on: April 17, 2015, 09:56:34 AM »
I found that the teachings of some hindu philosophers help in a similar way that buddhism helps.  I've been reading books by Sivananda, Vivekananda and Patanjali.  I read the methods of various forms of yoga, as a discipline and a way to structure life and remain focused and gain control of your own mind and impulses.

My background is muslim although because my parents were so neglectful I can't say they raised me that way.  I didn't learn anything and I wasn't included in any of the activities that make organized religion sometimes enjoyable, like rituals and such.  I am mostly disturbed by the treatment of women but who knows; maybe it's just my parents.  Arranged marriage and various rules.  Of course I am biased.  Finding something that is really more of a philosophy and psychological advice source with a recognition of the human spirit seems to be helpful.  It doesn't give me any place to be offended.  Of course they mention god but it isn't the same concept or idea or at least it gives room for interpretation of the philosophical meaning of god. 

I find it helpful when I am emotionally unstable and unable to regulate my feelings and I can't make sense of the world.  It takes me back to a starting point that I can recognize;  it gives you something to DO when you feel "nuts".  I read a book about raja yoga as a discipline and I realized that I have no structure in my life and that makes things worse.  When I was diagnosed with add and used a lot of the methods of staying focused, I got better and not just superficially; I think the structure calmed me down enough to figure out my own mind. 

Analysis was great, and self analysis is important, but when I did analysis I stopped doing the other things and without that, analysis was extremely disruptive.  I don't think it's a good idea to go into it when you don't have some outside stability.  I mean for me it triggered delusional thinking for large parts of the day until I would snap out of it.  I would cycle back and forth sometimes in minutes sometimes in hours.   Fortunately I did have a gym routine and that kept me reasonably sane and when I would exercise really hard my mind would clear up and I would put the puzzle pieces together.

Anyway that's what I'm doing right now. 

Also I have a kitten.