Her Ego verses Mine

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Her Ego verses Mine
« on: June 07, 2015, 01:19:54 PM »
ok . . . I'm stepping far out of my comfort zone by posting the following.
I'd like to preface with this . . . "Medium Chill" has deeply humbled me because I realize I have been allowing my Ego to rule my daily living circumstance with my identical twin who is diag. Bipolar and unBPD. 
JADE was the only way I knew of for attempting to protect myself; it never worked, escalation occurred.  Medium Chill has neutralized her . . . but . . . has changed me, deeply, because it has given me the breathing space to contemplate a statement I heard on a YouTube post by A.J. Mahari: "When are you going to shift the focus off of the chase?"

The below is "food for thought" which I find nourishing.  It seems, at first, to be judging . . . please keep reading.


Dr. Leon Master

Today's Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry in Contrast with an Enlightened Society

Except for a few souls in this world who are mystically aware, the practice of psychology and psychiatry will not create a truly mentally healthy society.  As it currently stands, the world standard for mental health is collective neurosis.  The occupation of the clinical psychologist and psychiatrist is to adjust the mind to be functional in a dysfunctional society.  What is called mental health is the ability to function with that which is dysfunctional collectively.  The illusions of one's personal isolation must be made to fit into the illusions and vogue of whatever is considered reality in present-day society.
The basis of identity as viewed by clinical psychology and psychiatry is that the self, one's identity, is that of a personal ego identity, a product of an organism bumping up against its environment through a long period of time--first to form a simple awareness of itself and eventually to evolve into an environmentally created identity or ego.  Put enough egos together and you form an ego society.  If, for whatever reason, one ego cannot function within the collective ego society in which it dwells, it then is considered dysfunctional, with the role of today's mental health clinician being to adjust it, to get it back into step with the collective thinking, the neurosis of today's ego society.

The flaw in all this is that a society comprised of personal ego identities is still a society of persons isolated from each other by virtue of believing themselves to be separate, isolated entities.  And, separate, personal egos are fragile at best.  They can be quickly shattered in moments by an outward life-changing event. When individuals do find common ground together or when groups rally around some common belief of heritage or ideology, this fragmentary sense of separateness can seem diminished.  This sense of belonging, of meaning can seem to flourish under the banner of religious, nationalistic, or lifestyle beliefs.  Each, in its own way, encourages the illusion of meaning in personal ego existence collectively. 

But in truth these personal egos still have no foundation, no reality in truth or in fact.  They are not seen as part of an Eternal Whole, but rather as fragments of an illusionary existence.  When identity is viewed as a personal ego identity, even if it functions within its societal group--it is still an isolated entity unto itself.  And, being still an isolated ego identity, it can function within the collective group for a time until, given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, it finds itself in conflict with others or with the collective group.

Of course clinical psychology and psychiatry will defend itself by stating that it is not in the business of philosophy or religion:  It is in the business of making people functional within the collective framework of society.  As clinical psychology and psychiatry currently stand--that is a true assessment.  The problem is that they become the spokespersons or standard bearers for what society is to believe about the mind and--most importantly--human identity.  In this manner the illusion of personal ego identity is perpetuated, continuing the ego-centered, fragmented society that breeds conflict and wars.

In contrast, in an enlightened society occupied by enlightened souls, clinical psychology and psychiatry as they are currently practiced would--at best--be considered primitive.  Why?  In an enlightened society, personal ego identity would not exist.  The mind would be considered a channel through which Universal Consciousness could be expressed.  All members of an enlightened society would know themselves to be individualized expressions of some unique attributes of the Universal Whole, Universal Presence/Mind/Spirit--or God.

Souls incarnating into such a society would not have to be taught about the relationship to the Universal Whole or Presence, for they would incarnate with a knowingness of their Reality.  They would incarnate not to serve temporary rules, but to be consciously co-creative with Universal Presence.  For these reasons, in such an enlightened society of soul minds, clinical psychology or psychiatry would not exist.  Religion, as it is now known on the physical earth plane, would not exist.  They would not exist because, from whatever frame of reference one would choose to think about an enlightened society, such a society would be a collection of Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas, and so on.  The common denominator for all persons would be Universal Consciousness Identity--created forms embodying One Universal Mind.

What Is the Bottom Line? 

There is no doubt that Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry do play a major role in society by attempting to care for those who are severely mentally ill,  and they should be thanked and acknowledged for their efforts.  This commentary is directed toward working with people who are not suffering from some psychosis, but rather from psychoneurosis.  With this in mind, let's go on to what can be done.

We must keep in mind though that, with but few exceptions, those who enter the field of clinical psychology and psychiatry are basically illusionary personal egos attempting to treat other illusionary personal egos so that they may function within an illusionary society comprised of illusionary, inwardly fragmented, fragile, personal, ego-centered identities.

Such a society is a virtual breeding ground for conflicts and further isolation in the future--until an egotistically driven maniac collects groupings of people, unhappy and unfulfilled by their existence, and directs them into another war, feeding them with the illusion that such conquest will fill the void within their souls.  Such has been, and will ever be, the repeating history of this physical earth plane.

To be of value, clinical psychology and psychiatry should have two objectives:

The first is to do what they have been doing, which is to make a person functional within the neurotic whole.  This would then serve to facilitate communication for the important second objective.

The second objective would be to lay the seeds for a new concept of identity--Universal Identity with Oneness.  To be certain, for the vast majority of persons, Universal Identity, Oneness with God, would be but a concept, and they would not be suddenly transformed into enlightened mystics.  But, the seeds would have been planted to grow in the soil of future lifetimes.

To meet the needs of those who are functional in a collective ego-based society and who feel an inner God Presence prompting them to move beyond a personal ego-based psychological understanding of the mind and consciousness, the International Metaphysical Ministry founded the Theocentric Life Society. 

This specialized ministry utilizes educational counseling and life coaching in Theocentric Psychology.  Theocentric Psychology's focus is on completing the understanding of the Mind and Consciousness, emphasizing that consciousness comes from One Creative Source, namely Universal Mind/Spirit/God, and that true identity is being aware of Oneness and the cooperation of the outer human with the Inner Spirit.  In this way, the soul is freed of the collective neurosis that binds it, bringing forth Universal Consciousness and its God-provided potentials. 

The Universal Process has been served.

The Universal Embryo has been nourished.

Dr. Master



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Re: Her Ego verses Mine
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2015, 09:14:46 PM »
Hello again, Duality! Thanks for posting this most interesting article, I'm glad you were brave enough to share it with me and others here.

Dealing with someone who is PD is very difficult in the first place. It's really tough to remain cool and collected when they are masters of knowing which buttons to press. Those buttons on our outer layer or casing, are from what the article referred to as essentially being the ball in pong and gathering our said outer layer through bumping into our direct environment. Our ego. Ultimate Medium Chill is detaching our connections with those buttons, only giving base responses for output. It can be especially hard when that drive is back there whirring itself to overheating. That also must be disconnected during MC for it to be successful.

I've struggled with JADE many times, and when I finally successfully used MC, it really changed my views on dealing with adverse situations dealing with troublesome people. It's like trying to get good at meditating or something in a way! We get so focused on the chase, how we are the fox and our pursuers the hounds and rowdy huntsmen. But in all actuality, we're observers to this madness. We are peasants looking on at a spectacle as they happen to take their chase on our land or yards, maybe even into our house or trampling our fields! We will not be recompensed for our efforts of demanding "repayment"(apology or acknowledgment), the only thing we can do is repair what needs mending after the fact. Their haughty attitudes demand that we see ourselves as inconveniencing them so we should repay them for their time or endure punishment.

For now, I'll stop there. Within the next few days, I'll address the rest of the article. There are quite a few hard truths and interesting perspectives, and I can see their reflection in everyday life.

By the way, Duality, hope you have fun with your father and his bucket list trip! Take care out there.
“You see, loneliness is the price we have to pay for being born in this modern age, so full of freedom, independence, and our own egoistical selves.” -Sōseki Natsume, Kokoro



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Re: Her Ego verses Mine
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2015, 10:33:57 PM »
I liked the article, thank you for bringing it here.

Ego detachment. This video talks about Zen, but, I find the part of ego detachment interesting.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnFz5BC_lDA

Medium Chill and Gray Rock both shut down toxic behaviors since they have nothing to work with anymore. The problem with those methods, is we become emotionally disconnected from others using those methods. They can't be used everywhere for every person, not our children, nor our significant other, or best friends. Discerning which relationships will benefit from those methods is the hardest part.

I'm personally a fan of humbleness. It's more comfortable to have a heart to heart talk with someone that is able to be humble. A person will not know the real me unless I'm speaking about my stuff from a humble place.

Duality--it must be especially difficult to unenmesh from a twin. :hug:
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