Frustrated feeling sick

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Frustrated feeling sick
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:23:31 PM »
I am quite positive my sister has a serious personality disorder, narcissism possibly sociopathic. I have known for quite some time she has mental issues, it goes back to decades of her being entitled cruel and abusive to me. She was the golden child to my father and I felt like a third wheel in the family, like I really felt invisible and useless. I blame much of it on my father who is himself pretty disordered. He has given in to all her wishes and demands.

My come to god moment happened a few weeks ago when my Dad called and told me my sister is in jail for theft, fraud and ID theft. She had stolen checks and identities from 2 elderly dementia patients form her place of work. She immediately called my Dad to come bail her out and then expected, which he did, to pay for her lawyer. I had just found out about a week prior that the house she is living in was paid for by my Dad and she somehow suckered her way into living in it with her name on the title. I have watched him give her everything she wants for over 40 years so I was pissed but not at all surprised. So my Dad is apparently understanding now that she is a very disordered person and she will never stop taking until he is penniless on the street.

I am not sure how to handle dealing with her in the future and protect myself and my father from her abuse. She is now demanding my Dad give her another 4k for the lawyer, which he is refusing as of now. She is not working has only worked about 3 years out of 15 and her husband has worked even less. Now that I see the depths of her insanity I am fearful for what she will do now that she is desperate. I am hoping for a long prison sentence, it a large amount of money she stole.

I have basically just gone with it the past few years not confronting her or making waves, knowing full well she is irrational and it will just cause huge problems for me. I have stayed off her radar as a target pretty successfully. But now that my Dad is planning on making me executor of his estate (he is pretty ill) I am not sure what she will do. Any advise is welcome or even understanding I could use some of that too.
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Re: Frustrated feeling sick
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2015, 05:03:42 PM »
Do you think your dad would be open to having a legal professional administer his estate - that takes you out of the middle... trying to get my mom to do this... not having much luck but the peace of mind sure would be worth it.
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