issue or not?

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issue or not?
« on: May 22, 2016, 02:30:24 PM »
              I was listening to a discussion recently involving a person seeking a very responsible job. This person is a GIANT enabler to a really overt PD. I think this person has their own PD to be considered but was just wondering if you would trust the judgement of a huge doormat.  Her best friend and assistant also is a big ole Doormat. 
In the discussion people were asking if the clear and very well known behaviors of their spouses should reflect on them or not. I am torn because the 3 C's but at the same time if these people are totally entrenched in FOG I am NOT confident their judgement is the best. I know that when I was fogged I made some poor choices like not going NC years earlier or letting my kids spend time with some PDs in  FOO.   
When these people JADE constantly and then want to not be looked at like ANY bad behavior rubs off on them at all, I find that ridiculous.   I am not judging them for trying to make their relationships work but I just would not like to see them promoted to a position to make decisions for others based on their inability to face what everyone else sees.