What is this?

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What is this?
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:34:52 PM »
My sister hates our mother.  Blames her for everything that goes wrong.  Hates our mother actually.

My sister also refers to me as being "perfect".  Everyone thinks that I am perfect.  I didn't hang around with the "wild" crowd that my sister did.  I did have a best friend who did some things that I did not approve of.  I distanced myself from her - myself - without anyone telling me to.  I get her actions thrown up in my face by my sister to this day (and we are in our 50s now).  I have not seen my best friend from high school except occasionally throughout the years.  She is on her 4th marriage.  We grew apart.  Yet my sister throws it up that my parents didn't prevent me from doing stuff and going places with her.  I went those places when we were teenagers.  BEFORE she had an affair with a married man.  BEFORE she got married 4 times.  BEFORE she cheated on her husband.  We had already grown apart. 

She brings up things that happened when we were  teenagers.
1) She told me that she slept with her boyfriend and was afraid that she was pregnant (that is now a lie).  Mama found out.
2) Mama would not let her go to the beach with her best friend when she finished high school - really?  Mama found out they had planned on taking their boyfriends as well.  But - I got to go to the beach with my best friend.  Yes - I didn't have a boyfriend at the time and did not plan on taking a boy with me.
3) Mama would not let her go away to college.  She had to live at home.   Mama and daddy were trying to control her (I can see that).  She had proven that she would lie.
4) Mama and daddy would not let her live in an apartment with her best friend.  One - she had no job.  Two - mama and daddy did not have the money to pay for an apartment.  Three - her friend brought any boy she met home and slept with him the day she met him.  I know this because she cried to me about it.  Everyone knew about it.

My sister did have a traumatic event when she was 10 years old.  She was very close to our grandfather. She found him dying.  He had passed out.  She had nightmares about that / him for years. 

When my sister got married and had kids everything seemed fine.  My parents and I went to her house weekly (if not more often) when she had the kids.  We went on family vacations, owned a vacation house together, etc.  Something happened in 2010 - not sure what.  I don't believe her stories....and don't really know what to believe.  I do know that she took drugs and drank alcohol.  We saw her...after she had fallen and got messed up bad.  She later told me she wanted to die.....now says that is a lie - she never wanted to die.  My ex brother-in-law says his private detective found a man that she was involved with.  I really don't know.  I suspected something for years before 2010 due to some things my sister said and did. 

This is what I lived....so do you think my mother was being a normal mother?
Or is something wrong with my mother?  Don't get me wrong....I know that she is not perfect.  This is what I lived though....so I really don't know.