I don't usually react..however this was different

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I don't usually react..however this was different
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:46:44 AM »
Back in January I absolutely erupted at my sister...it's a rarity and only ever happened twice in our life...I usually let her do or say what she wants as I don't want to give her the reaction as it seems to fuel her...however this is how things went....

I had been a part of a group on FB for a couple of months and there was an event organised for the event at the end of the month...I had already met a number of members of the group a couple of times in the parks local cafe..they seemed nice and I tried to ignore the fact that when I met them they all seemed to have a "lot" to say about "other people"...I kind of let it go as I thought I shouldn't judge them straight away. I had been seeing a guy from the group...for a month but just before the actual social group get together, we called it off and he was incredibly rude to me jumping to conclusions and telling me that he thought my autistic son "has nothing wrong with him"...I decided I will just block him, have nothing to do with him and chalk it up to a bad experience...only to learn my sister had become a member of the group and was weaving her evil web of lies as usual and generally slagging me off...she totally betrayed me AGAIN...anyway; this all became very very unimportant to me on that same night of the social get together which I did attend but only for an hour as I was made to feel awkward and I wasn't drinking I drove...when I got home I discovered that my youngest daughter had done something completely unexpected.....she took an overdose and it seems the bullying she had claimed had been going on was much worse than she told me!!
Anyway...there I was in hospital with her and she didn't get a room in the ward until 4am at which point I went on FB just to message my friend to ask her to go and pick some clothes and supplies up for myself and my daughter in the morning as my daughter was on a drip to prevent damage to her liver...whilst on there momentarily I attempted to message the main admin of the FB group as I wanted to apologise for not staying the whole night and as I thought we were friends I was going to tell him I had a family emergency...to discover I had been blocked from that group...the same group which my sister had been posting on all day even though I had her son for the day as she was supposedly sick so she could rest...
All I did was write a status "can't believe a certain FB group have removed me only hours after me attending their social get together, currently got a family emergency so last thing I expected"
Well...when I actually got a chance to call my mum in the morning to tell her what was going on with my daughter..all she did was critisize me for not telling her sooner...apparently my brother in law (who had stayed at mine to look after my other two) had told my mum...but I do not see how I could have told them as I was constantly holding a bowl under my daughters head previous to the call with my mum...and to top it off my sister commented on my status even though I never put any details on there about my daughters situation...telling me I should be "concentrating on my daughter not posting on fb" of course there were a few friends who commented that my family "should be more supportive"....well my parents aren't on FB but it didn't stop my mum telling me that she had been "told" I put it on FB about my daughter!!! My sister completely twisted what was going on! I was absolutely livid with her and I totally lost the guard I usually have up to protect myself from her manipulation...two days later when we eventually got back home and she phoned me to tell me she was cutting my youngest daughter out of her life and I told her my daughter comes before you..you will not make me choose between you and her!! I just totally lost it with her! I really gave her a piece of my mind: probably the first time ever...got to admit since then she has gone back to her ways but suffice to say I am hoping she has now realise I will not be toyed with!

I have to admit when I did speak to my mum I told her I can't leave my daughter but I'm so tired as I was crying down the phone  and she told me "you're a bad mum because mums don't complain about being tired" I told her I wouldn't leave my daughter and my mum told me "you have to go home and look after your other two children as they have school tomorrow" she told me she would come sit with my youngest but she also told me she would do it for me not my daughter...they were so harsh on my daughter for her overdose they didn't offer any sympathy and as we are all going to Disney next April...(2017) for the last few months they've been telling her she won't be going "because of her undesirable behaviour"....my mums now gone back on that and said "we aren't that sort of family we will include her"...I think it has something to do with the fact my mum is scared that I will leave like I did when I was 21 when I moved away when I was with my ex husband and pregnant with my oldest...I just feel one of the worst forms of abuse is when someone tries to give you an ultimatum and choose them over someone else...it's really sad because it's meant I've become really Independant and my mum would like to have my children more often but I've been stubbornly adamant to look after my children myself and not rely on anyone else so that they can't emotionally black mail me.