w/my 20yo son, diagnosed 6 mo ago, in the ER as I type this, first admit... :(

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I am sure many of you have been in his shoes, or mine.  As I write this post, I have been sitting in the ER for 20 hours while I am waiting for a bed for my son in a facility somewhere. 

During this last 6 months, we have been trying to understand if this is paranoid personality disorder, or paranoid schizoprenia......he was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic by the college counseling center, then evaluated by a psychiatrist closer to where his dad lives.  That psychiatrist diagnosed him with paranoid personality disorder.  He is at the beginning of this, has been non compliant with meds.....but quite honestly, our attention has been more in denying that it could possibly be anything other than him being a bit lost in his life, or perhaps drug use. 

In this last few days, we have been slapped out of denial....as he is in the middle of his first police involved and mandated 72 hour hold mandate.  I am multiple states away from my home, a bit of an emotional mess as I attempt to wrap my arms around a child that is absolutely vacant, alone, and struggling to navigate something I don't entirely understand.  We found him in an extreme state of psychosis, he hadn't eaten in days, not slept in days, dehydrated, manic, unreasonable.....and simply a shell of my son.  They are looking for a bed for him, and I am grateful.

I am trying to learn all that I can, which is how I ended up on this site.  I live very remote and rural in an area without services  (a town that is 70 miles from even a grocery store).  I have a therapist at a distance from my home that I have connected with for him.....and since there is no support group near me,  I am trying to get connected with some resources online.  I welcome any and all input on that.

My next step is to learn more, understand more of what my role will need to be, and to develop what our family needs to be successful in helping him navigate what is in front of us.

All I can say is I am grateful for where he is today, in a large city that has services to get him on a better path, and for a place just to say what I have written.



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Warm welcome and I'm sorry you've got such a heartbreaking situation with your son. It must truly be ripping you apart inside and your level of pain is reflected in what you shared.

This community has been supportive in my journey and I hope you find the same. There's a board for Parents Discussion for those dealing with PD Children if you haven't found it already.

The website is made of two parts - the support forum and the website resources. Check the links at the top for understanding more about PD and also the Toolbox for things you can do to cope and manage. The Toolbox 3C's rule reminds us 'you didn't cause it, you can't cure it and you can't control it'. The only one you can control is yourself and you can support your son in his journey.

Please know the community is here to help support you in your journey.
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Individuation is one key to emotional freedom
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