parenting plan

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parenting plan
« on: September 21, 2016, 12:23:55 PM »
So I was here over a year ago and we in nearly the same boat.  My husbands ex wife is difficult to say the least.  They have a 16-year old who is a great kid...and of course the ex continues to drive conflict, disregard the child's needs and wishes and generally tries to create havoc.   I was offered a great position several states away.  The 16-year old  indicated she wanted to go so we got together with the ex and her husband (a screaming co-dependent) and discussed this at length.  Mom indicted she was going to 'allow' the father to take the kid..notice the language?  The kid was able to talk at length about what her wishes were for visitation etc.  Normal run of the mill such as every other holiday, 6 weeks in the summer etc.  Mom was agreeable but of course she blew things up three weeks prior to our departure.  Of course we knew this was going to happen but also what mom has done is perform for the judge so he has not really been able to see how she behaves.  Mom had countered wit a parenting plan which if agreed to would have Dad giving up all holidays and other breaks of 4 days or more, the kid returning after the year and dad giving up custody...WTH? That being said, the kid spoke to her mom and expressed how hurt she was and felt her mother had not been honest with her nor was she taking into account her wishes.   Of course mom spun her words etc but the kiddo is done I think.  She told her mother she was unwilling to go back to the moms house.  The mom predictably blew and O ring and created a great deal of chaos...The kiddo has agreed to go back on Thursday (she was due to her mothers residence on Sunday) and made it known she would be back to her fathers home on the following Sunday.  The kiddo also told us that she would run from her mothers home if she was left behind (which we will not do.)  We have filed our parenting plan with an emergency consideration for a hearing  (based on the kids distress and the fact we have to move in 3 weeks) with the intent to move etc.  We should have filed on the front end however in our state the Judges like to know the parents have tried to work it out...and we did...Most importantly, on the emergency consideration we have attached a letter the kiddo asked to write to the judge.  She clearly is telling the entire truth about the emotional abuse she suffers from.   She told the judge that her mother had defied him and still not taken her to family therapy, ignores her or is mean, does not allow her choice in any matter (including trying to buy her school clothing without her input and making her wear them...she is 16..wth) The Kid loves her mom but is angry and very very unhappy with her.   We are just trying to support her but man is this hard! So my question is, does anyone have experience with emergency hearings.  Next does anyone know how a judge might respond to a letter from a kid?



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Re: parenting plan
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2016, 12:43:14 PM »
At 16 she should be given the right by a judge to choose residence