First Post.......Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother

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First Post.......Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother
« on: March 19, 2017, 03:22:39 PM »
What a relief to find this site !
I have recently awoken to the realization that I have suffered a lifetime of emotional abuse and neglect from my mother who clearly fits many of the criteria for NPD.
I am one of three brothers, and am the "scapegoat" while the other two are the "golden child" and "lost child",...they are both unwittingly complicit participants in her abuse.
The most difficult aspect for me is in my attempts to find some appropriate counselling on the NHS here in the UK.
It is impossible !... NHS counselling only covers basic anxiety and depression, and anything more than that is deemed to be so unusual as to warrant no help at all !...very frustrating indeed..
I am left with seeking out fairly expensive private counselling, and relying on online forums and groups such as this one.
I have instigated "no contact"....and while this gives me breathing space, I am still experiencing unresolved Post Traumatic Stress.
Any helpful comments or suggestions as to the best way to progress on my path to healing would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks


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Re: First Post.......Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 06:18:21 PM »
Welcome and I'm glad you found the community here. Check the resources at the top of the forum, there's a ton of tools in the Toolbox and it's a good place to begin healing. Since you mention PTSD you might want to check the Toolbox topic cptsd and also Pete Walker's website.

NC is often the last resort after all other attempts have failed so I feel for the pain you're in making such a decision. You're right to protect yourself so you can heal. There is a whole board here dedicated to those who have had to go NC.

Welcome and hope you find the community here as supportive in your journey as they have been in mine.
Every interaction w/ PD persons results in damage-plan accordingly, make time to heal
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