Used to have Avpd

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Used to have Avpd
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:08:25 PM »
Good Day,

Like most that have Avpd, I was born with it. But certain things that happened in my life made it much much worse. I now have been healed of Avpd. God has not taken it fully from me, but that is so I can continue to know what its like and I can relate to others that are still struggling with it.

A very interesting web site you have here. I have yet to look at it fully, but there is some good information here. I was quite interested in the part on movies that portray avpd, though I am not sure I agree with them.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. I help other find healing from Avpd.



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Re: Used to have Avpd
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2017, 03:22:37 PM »
Welcome to OOTF. OOTF is a site dedicated to supporting members who are struggling with a PD in their lives. Please realize that as a self described PD yourself you are welcome to post here as long as it is about another PD in your life and not your own recovery. There are some other sites that are more focused on PD recovery.
Some of them are:       * information only as site forum is not active in 2015  BPD support group in New York called Emotions Matter

Please realize also that there are members that have been hurt by PDs and are still dealing with the anger and pain. Therefore it is possible you may find some of the posts triggering.

I hope you will share more of your story and help us understand how a PD in your life has affected you. Here is wishing you peace and strength on your journey.
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