Important Safety Reminder

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Important Safety Reminder
« on: April 22, 2017, 08:25:55 PM »
Please remember OOTF is a publicly viewable site and open to anyone who wishes to join. We encourage you for your own personal safety to keep all communications on the open boards. Communicating with other members via the PM system or other means of communication puts you at risk. We come here to heal and the open boards support that process. While we recognize all our members are adults and free to make their own choices we also feel the need to caution our members regarding strangers who come here to prey on our vulnerabilities.

Use caution regarding the level of detail you include. Could the idea be conveyed differently? For example instead of naming the country of origin refer to the continent instead. Rather than post a town, city or state refer to urban area or rural area. Change up the details of the story slightly such as instead of saying birthday dinner just say special occasion lunch.

For your safety the following recommendations are included in the guidelines to help us keep OOTF a place of safety and healing:

Private Messages
Private Messages can only be viewed by the poster and recipient. The same rules which apply to forum posts at OOTF also apply to Personal Messages. However, Private Messages are not moderated. If you should receive an inappropriate private message please use the "Report to Admin" link at the bottom of each private message. Take particular care to protect yourself when corresponding with strangers using this feature. You are not obliged to answer any Private Message you receive or to provide any information to any individual, no matter how friendly or trustworthy they may appear. Avoid giving out any personal or confidential information to anyone you do not know well.

OOTF is a forum for public discussion about personality disorders. It is not permitted to post an invite on any of our forums to begin or continue a conversation by Private Message.

Confidentiality is important to the safety of everybody on our board.  It is strongly recommended that members not directly or indirectly disclose their own identity.  It’s not uncommon for members to discover that the person with a personality disorder in their life has been reading at this site. 

You are also discouraged from registering with a user name, email address or avatar that could be recognized. Sites such as Yahoo and Google offer free anonymous email hosting. You are strongly encouraged not to register using any email address that other people may have access to as the board will occasionally send information about your account to that address.

Do not solicit personal contact information from other members on the boards or in PM, as this is considered a violation of privacy. If someone volunteers their information in a personal context, it is their right to do so, but you are under no obligation to reciprocate. Please respect the privacy of others as you wish your own privacy to be respected. If someone solicits personal contact information from you and the solicitation makes you uncomfortable in any way, you are encouraged to report the incident to any Moderator or Administrator.

Any information posted which reveals identifying information about another individual will be modified or removed by the moderators.

Please use the report to moderator link below right for questions or comments regarding this message.
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