Constant dialog going on in my head. Anyone else?

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Re: Constant dialog going on in my head. Anyone else?
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Very interesting topic - I thought it was only me that had ruminating thoughts and unresolved mind conversations.  :stars:

I am NC for 9 months with eF and almost 4 years with uNPDm. They are still married and in their mid 80's. I can only imagine the chaos under their roof!

One thing I did to stop the endless circular conversations about explaining and justifying my actions and first time boundary setting was to get a very part-time job. The job required me to be up, dressed and out the door by 7:45 each morning. I have met some great people and been able to establish a few new friendships. The job has redirected my thinking and ruminating thoughts because I need to focus on the job first.  I also love to garden, walk/jog with my dogs and do yoga.  I agree with the other responses that physical activity really helps to redirect thinking, and for me the passage of time has lessened the spinning dialogues.

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