Common Topics for Those Considering Divorce

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Common Topics for Those Considering Divorce
« on: October 18, 2007, 11:43:30 PM »
**** Common Topics for Those Considering Divorce ****

Many of us have, at some point, reached a point of no return - when you know despite your best efforts, staying together isn't going to work out.

But separating from someone who suffers from a personality disorder isn't always easy. Some of you may face harsh consequences, threats or false accusations just for raising the subject of separation with your spouse or significant other. Others have children, whom they want to protect and shelter, but whom they fear will become victims in the process.

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Common Topics for Those Considering Divorce
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Checklist for Nons Escaping from Oz

1. Start a private bank account in a bank that your SO doesn't use and put money in it.
2. Rent a post office box and forward your mail to it.
3. Have a safe place to stay, preferably where your partner won't easily find you.
4. Reconnect with responsible and supportive friends and family who were pushed away during your relationship with your partner.
5. Make copies of important documents that you will need:
 - Bank/Credit Card records
 - Telephone records
 - past tax return copies, bills, financial records etc.
 - educational and medical records for the children
6. Put the following in a secure location:
 - your credit/debit/atm cards
 - wedding/birth certificates,
 - passports
 - photographs and family treasures that you want to keep
7. Important records concerning your SO
 - Driver license, License plate #
 - Social Security #

1. Have a bag in the car with:
clothes, medications & toiletries, spare keys etc.
2. Close all joint bank accounts, credit cards etc immediately.
3. Make sure your mail is being re-routed to your new location.
4. Don't tell BPD you are leaving until you are on the way to the safe place. Use a pay phone on the way, preferably not at your destination city. Do not use the telephone at the safe place as this will show on Caller ID.

Stay away!
Let the answering machine do the talking for you.
Bring backup when you go to collect your things. Don't let yourself be alone with your SO. Police and/or Sheriff are willing go with you in nearly every city.
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Re: Common Topics for Those Considering Divorce
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2012, 06:38:15 PM »
great advice except for one thing -- you might want to reconsider closing all joint accounts -- in the event that you do divorce, some judges frown upon removing all of the marital money, but in most cases you are entitled to half