What Can Be Learned from This Tragedy...

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What Can Be Learned from This Tragedy...
« on: July 28, 2017, 06:50:46 PM »
Hi All -

I saw this on Yahoo news today and was extremely upset by it. The only place I can think to share and talk about is here. I can't openly discuss it on my Facebook page as 1) PD and I have mutual friends that will see it and 2) I don't want to risk putting ANY ideas in PD dad's head.

This story is my worst nightmare, and I can easily see it happening in my interstate case. WARNING this is an extremely graphic and disturbing article about a child who is murdered by his severely mentally ill father, and you may not want to read it as it my be some sort of trigger.

I have to talk about it though as it disturbed me so much. My son's uNPD and uASPD diagnosed bipolar father may not be quite as kinky sick as the man in this article. However, what scares me most it the "I'd kill the kids before I'd let you have them..." statement this man made prior to murdering his son. PD dad has not come out and said this to me, but I see him being capable of this level of vengeance.

How were this man's mental health issues not obvious to the court??!! Why are kids forced to go with parents when they clearly don't want to???

I also think there is a big lesson here in that the deceased boy in this article -Dylan - his older brother and family members encouraged him to confront his dad about his highly inappropriate behavior. They encouraged him confront his father ALONE, all by himself during court appointed custody time. I'm hoping this will help all of us realize we should never encourage our children to do the same. Although everyone on this board strikes me as being smarter than that, I thought it couldn't help to take note of it. I know the family meant well, but this was HUGE mistake on their part in my humble opinion.  Mainly it was his brother that encouraged him to speak out against his father, so I guess we should be weary of what our kid's siblings may tell them to do.

Maybe one way we can help project our children is to never encourage them to call out and hold the PD accountable for inappropriate behavior. Kids under the age of 18 are way too vulnerable to God knows what level of vengeance.  It's not a job for them to do as helpless children, particularly without any support. Any thoughts or ideas on the matter?

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