Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG

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Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG
« on: September 18, 2017, 12:14:07 AM »
Due to a recent hurricane who shall remain unnamed (I hate her) my workplace has been undamaged but inoperable for about a week. We are due to start again tomorrow. Today PD coworker sent out a group text that "someone" told her that the building we work in was destroyed by fire this morning for no obvious reason.  Other coworkers naturally panicked, and of course PDc wouldn't give specifics after dropping that little grenade. I ignored the whole thing.

After many panicked texts throughout the day where PDc stayed mostly silent (and probably gloating) a coworker contacted our supervisor, who of course knew nothing about fires or building destruction. It was all a fabrication. One coworker texted me privately and asked what I thought about the situation. I replied that my silence should indicate what I thought, and she found that humorous. I then said something to the effect that PDc was bored after having been home so long and need to manufacture some chaos and drama. The coworker considered this for a bit and replied (paraphrased) "She does this all the time, doesn't she? I don't understand why" to which I replied (pp again), "Aren't you tired of dancing for her when she's bored? It doesn't matter why. Just walk off the stage so she can find other entertainment. That's what I did."

Friend, give me your hand and I will pull you from the rabbit hole.
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Re: Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 09:18:40 AM »
Wow. Some people. You nailed it! Plus so succinctly pointed the non PD coworker to the FOG exit!
∑ Every interaction w/ PD persons results in damage-plan accordingly, make time to heal
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Re: Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2017, 02:10:09 PM »
What's really annoying about situations like that is you can seldom tell someone else what's going on before they experience it and come to their own conclusions, first.  It would be so much better if we could just warn others of the danger but generally we can't.  But it's nice to have an answer when they finally scratch their heads and ask what just happened?!



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Re: Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2017, 02:22:27 PM »
Love the rabbit hole analogy :)
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
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The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?
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Re: Bringing coworkers Out of the FOG
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2017, 01:41:35 PM »
I just saw a printout on the printer at work about NPD bosses. I left it right where it was. Nice to see someone else waking up, IDC who!