Guideline Change for mental health and other professionals

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Guideline Change for mental health and other professionals
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:21:06 AM »
Please note the following change to the Out of the FOG Guidelines under mental health and other professionals: "You may also not identify yourself as working in these professions and must refrain from offering any direct diagnostic or prescriptive advice to other members." Previously the guidelines allowed members to identify but not advise. Members may notice some recent or past posts edited to reflect this change. Such changes won't be considered violations of the Guidelines as at the time of your posting identifying are a professional was permitted. Future references to profession will be considered Guideline violations as of January 1, 2018.

As a reminder when giving advice ite sufficient to say something like "in my experience" without referring to your profession or field.

Giving Advice:
This is a confidential peer support group created by men and women who have experienced personal relationships with a personality disordered relative, friend or partner.  We are not mental health professionals, and don't offer this board as a substitute for professional assistance.  Any advice you receive here should be taken in that context.

Feel free to share how you cope or have coped with various situations - that's the purpose of this forum!  But please avoid making blanket statements like "You *should* do this and that" especially when you don't know the person well.  Another person's situation may be very different from yours.  Often, people need to come to their own conclusions in their own time frame.  Also, please avoid making blanket or derogatory generalizations about mental illness, personality disorders, personality disordered individuals or "Nons" that are unsupported by clinical literature.

Having a personality disordered relative, friend or partner can be difficult, and sometimes other posters may say or do things that you donít approve of.  We are all coming from different stages, situations, and backgrounds.  Please be considerate and non-judgmental about how others live their lives.  If you respond harshly or judgmentally, you will make it harder for others to post for fear of being judged.

You are welcome to ask questions about what you think is going on in the mind of a particular person you are close to. However, broad generalizations about entire groups of people who suffer from personality disorders, such as "they can't help it" or "they have no feelings" are misleading to others. Members who repeatedly post such generalizations are subject to moderation and will be asked to refrain.
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