Can't face going home after my shift.

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Re: Can't face going home after my shift.
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They keep us prisoners because they know we will continue to cover up their abuse.  This is the power and control they have over us.   They take our loyalty to our family and manipulate us.  Horrible abuse.  For 30 years I covered for him at my own expense.  My health took a beating from it.   The worst thing is that those people who clearly saw his abuse started questioning my own mental health.  After I left, felt I had to undo that damage.  I had to show people I was Out of the FOG.  No more covering for him.  When I talk now people say to me wow you are a different person now than when you were with him. I say I am the same person.  I was just trapped in my fears of leaving but I knew all along there was something wrong with HIM. In the end we don't owe anyone but ourselves and children involved an explanation.   You are a smart and loving mom.  You can do this.  I pray your house sells fast.  Without that happening not much will change under his roof.    Good for you for not covering for him.  Continue to tell the truth about him.   Karma will catch up to him.