What was your parents attitude towards housework, household chores ........

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Reading through all the replies here triggered some more memories for me.

My NM was a SAHM until I was around 12 y/o and she went back to work to earn money to support her new "hobby" (long story, basically having an affair). At that point, she declared to my uPDf that she was "on strike" and wouldn't be doing any more housework.

My uPDf was the sort of guy who just went to work and expected to have his wife take care of him like she was his mother when he was home. He never hit a lick to do anything around the house on his own, it always took my M haranging him into an argument before he would lift a finger to do anything. He was content to let the house fall down around him rather than fix anything. If a light switch broke? Too bad! No more light in that particular room. If a toilet broke? It didn't get fixed even if it was just a $5 part that was needed, everyone could just use the one remaining working toilet.

It was so embarrassing to live like that. By the time I was in my early teens, I was left at home by myself a lot with both parents working. I wasn't allowed to leave the house when they were gone so I spent most of my time watching TV programs. Since we didn't have cable TV back then, I watched a lot of PBS programming like This Old House, New Yankee Workshop, etc and also cooking shows.  That's how I learned how to fix things around the house and cook.

It made me really resentful, because all the things that my F refused to fix weren't difficult fixes at all, and it became clear to me that all the drama that my M had in regards to cooking and cleaning was absolute bs.  None of it was difficult or worthy of any angst or drama.

And Hazy111, I've had similar experiences with my M regarding her checkbook being off by a few cents. She'll insist that the bank is "stealing" her money, once to the point of dragging me down there with her to have it out with some poor employee. So embarrassing.  I remember the person telling her it wasn't his job to balance her checkbook. LOL :evil2:
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SmoulderingDragon, I think we had the same parents.  :blink:  Well, not exactly the same.  en(PD?)mom wasn't fanatical about cleaning and left financial meltdowns to uPDfather.

enMom did a little DIY.  As we got older enSis and I helped, but we had to do it when uPDfather wasn't around.  He wouldn't allow it because... reasons.   :stars:  Later on my own I learned tons of DIY stuff.