The Beheaded Goddess: Daughters of Narcissistic Fathers by Selma Nemer, Ph.D

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While heavy on the psychosexual analysis and theory, I think this text can be helpful to unearth and understand maladaptive patterns after experiencing paternal narcissistic abuse as an adolescent young woman. Nemer was also abused by her narcissistic father, making personal insights that much more spot-on.

Through the archetype of beheaded goddess, Nemer explores how N father cuts down a daughter's autonomy, sense of self, and relational capacities because he just can't handle that she has a body AND a mind of her own. Types of enmeshment between narc fathers and their daughters is explored. It's a good supplement to UTBM if your BPDm married a narc.

Therapeutic techniques like active imagination are briefly explored.



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Thank you for sharing!   One book that I must read.
My NF raging abuse was the worst when I was a teen and my NM was emotionally unavailable, enabler.
I may be the black sheep of the family, but some of the white sheep are not as white as they try to appear.