a big piece of the puzzle just came my way.

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a big piece of the puzzle just came my way.
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:02:51 PM »
I have some land that is empty a pasture, with little long strip to a creek attached.

I have thought about what to do with that small acreage strip with a creek.  I have imagined a sort of tiny home/cabin/shed where I go to get away and garden a couple days a week.  My pdh is declining mentally and I don't see myself just divorcing him and leaving him alone etc.  But some separation will be needed once kids are up and out.  He is too invasive and intrusive ony time and headspace I will need some time away to maintain healthy living.

This started to seem impossible because some rather large expenses keep coming along. Roof repairs, chimney work, cars needing tires, college expenses. etc etc.

I sort of gave up somewhat and leased the land to an organic farmer.  In my mind I left the strip for myself, and told him in the future I might need it.  It seems I can now get a well and electric installed for the cattle business with a cost share program because the government does not want the cows to use the creek. They will cost share the fence to keep the cattle away from creek also. I will be able to use that water and electricity for other uses as long as the cattle can access it for ten years.   

Me thinks I will have more than enough organic fertilizer close at hand for amending the soil.  💩

(Nobody tell my kids I just used a poop imogie unironically)

My long term plan may have just came back to a Medium term goal.  I think I can get a shed building by next year and start finishing it up.  I have a brand new just right tiller and plan to get the gardens dug and ready this fall and winter for next year.  I sold my too big not right for me tiller to another organic farmer last year and replaced it this year.



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Re: a big piece of the puzzle just came my way.
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2019, 01:32:07 PM »
I can so relate 1foot,
We have a small 10 acre spot with a tiny home. The home actually started out as a shed. Gardening is so rewarding and a mindful activity. Just watering it is a meditative activity. Watching things sprout and bloom, picking vegetables, canning, everything to do with it is just wondrous. I sop hope this works out for you. Keep us updated please.
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