Paranormal behavior of N mother - could it be that Ns are possessed by a demon?

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I read this thread with great interest.  Once, when my mother was first heading toward old age, I was sitting alone with her in the den.  All of a sudden, she turned and faced me, and her eyes-- which were an unusual shade, almost yellow-- were blazing and she was smirking at me.  I had the feeling that she wanted me to know that she was completely aware of all of her abuse over the years and that she had enjoyed it and now enjoyed knowing what it had done to me.  I realize that I have no way of knowing what she was thinking, but that's how it seemed to me.  And, then, for the first time, I wondered if she was possessed.  At the very least, it made me realize why there were Biblical stories of possession and demons being cast out.  Perhaps the people in those stories were mentally ill, but we can't know for sure.



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My take is that perhaps people get "pestered" by an evil spirit. King Saul in the Bible was "troubled" by an evil Spirit (I Samuel 16:14-16). Harp music helped him become well & refreshed, and the evil spirit left him.

Possibly some of the lower levels of development on the Enneagram Scale involve demonic influence.

But I agree with the statements that we should not generalize this to all cases. Some problems are strictly health-related. It's  hard to tell, especially for those of us who are not mental health professionals.

For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called. (Isaiah 54:5)



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Well, I believe so. Yes. Lots of people have talked about past family members being "possessed".
I think you can just ask the spirit to leave. There are other non invasive simple methods I've heard. Lots of places teach removal methods, etc..
I've heard that like maybe a percentage of people who are narcisissts might even be "posessed", however I dont know the details of those statistics.



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As a Christian, I have to believe Jesus when he spoke of demons and possession.

I don't think the Creator of the universe spoke incorrectly or out of ignorance when He while incarnate as a human referred to demons.

On the other hand demonic aspects of a personality can be due to choice or invitation.  There does not always have to be possession involved.

Additionally people with psychiatric disorders can have varying levels of "choice" in how much evil they participate in.

I think it best to pray and dicern on a case by case basis.  And in all cases, whether demons are involved or medical issues leave the "cure" and "change" part of it all in God's  hanfs.