HELP- 2 years after divorce from BPD/NPD, being sued to change custody agreement

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Penny Lane

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Wowwww what an emotional roller coaster.

If he drops the case, could you come back and get those discovery answers if he re-opens the case again later, or if you need to take him back?

What is your gut telling you? Do you think he can't afford to keep going? Or he really doesn't want you to see what's in discovery? Or maybe once his lawyer saw it he said "there's no way you can prevail, your best hope is to drop it"?

What do you WANT to do next? Drop it or pursue fees and/or the records?

It all does seem very questionable. But in terms of strategy I think you should be patting yourself on the back. I mean it's so ridiculous that you went through all this expense and stress for ... literally no changes and he drops the case. My point is that it really sounds like you did everything right while your ex did everything wrong. And this out come is soooo much better than the alternative, which is your son spending more time with his unstable dad.



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How frustrating. I would have a chat with my L to see what my legal options are. I'd want to know if there's anyway I could still have access to the discovery answers even if the case is dropped. Or can you see the answers and make a decision from there? Or if these answers can be on file somewhere in case your ex decides he wants custody again you can use them as evidence? I'd also want to see if there's anyway I could get financial reimbursement of some kind from my ex for the L charges, especially since it feels like he did all this for no reason. Either way, see what you r L thinks and go from there. Think about what you want for sure. :)

it's bitter-sweet in a way. The agreement remains as is... but all that freaking money.  ::) I am sorry and happy for you at the same time. It just feels weird how your ex is saying one thing and his L is saying something different (about the answers).