Narcissistic Friend Impresses People Who Don't Know Her

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Re: Narcissistic Friend Impresses People Who Don't Know Her
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There are variations of this theme "I have no friends."

I was dating a guy in college.  Now that I revisit that relationship, all I can see now is that he was on the make with me.  One time asking to borrow my car, ie "Let me have the keys to the car." Um, whose car? 

I remember one evening a couple of months into our dating, he asked if he could borrow some money outright.  Considering that he grew up in the area (I even met his family, those are always the cheap dates) and some of his long time friends.

He told me he couldn't ask his friends because they always let him down.  He never got the "loan" and the remark made me see him as something less. 

These days I am comfortable articulating what I think and how I feel on this matter.  And that is, I don't trust people who make claims that they are so anti social that they are unable to make and maintain healthy friendships with other people.

My brother once admitted at the age of 50 that he had no friends.  Let me tell you what that looked like to me.  A guy who was constantly co-opting his sister's boyfriends.  Situations like that result in major triangulation with newcomers not knowing where they should ultimately place their loyalty.

Major hot messes.