It's so close yet so foggy

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It's so close yet so foggy
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:11:16 AM »
I walked out in May.  The court date is in a month - unless we can agree on the final few items then we can finalize the divorce sooner.  I have asked to meet my stbxOCPDh but it is ignored or pushed back or excused.  There is so little left to do but he still puts it off.  He cry to the kids poor poor me.  Look what I did for her and how I cared for her.  I am very angry with all of them over that.

I really don't want to see him and I will be as cold as ice when I do.  But all my triggers feel so fresh and visible.  Since it is so close to being over, I really want it done.

He's waffling on parenting time.  He wants flexibility to when he sees his son.  He doesn't want a set time and date.  Yet I care for our son all through the week.  And then wait for him to be ready to see him?  I don't thing so.  Once again, adjust your priorities.

He decided to sell the house.  It has been six months and I still don't have my share of the furniture - the items that my parents gave me when they passed.  My winter clothes are still there.  Not enough room in the car when I left.  Some days it feels surreal.

It's so close and still he has it covered in fog.  Can we just be done already? :roll:



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Re: It's so close yet so foggy
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2019, 03:39:44 AM »
Is there any way you can safely get your stuff?