Wish Me Luck, I Could Be In For Major BS Tonight

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Wish Me Luck, I Could Be In For Major BS Tonight
« on: June 20, 2019, 06:45:22 PM »
Things have been kind of going along smoothly for quite some time. Just kind of one day going into the next a lot of the time though, not necessarily because they would be any different than their old selves if given the opportunity. Now, my mom wants to have a serious conversation about some important issues. And it's not really possible for me to avoid the interaction. It's hard for me to explain things in a brief post, and I'm going to need to go shortly when she comes home. But it's very anxiety inducing and honestly knowing her, it could very easily turn into a night of emotional abuse and hours of verbal bullying.

But I'll say that if this goes bad, just from a logical standpoint, it pretty much seals the case that they actually want bullshit. And getting along isn't really an option, that the last couple years of things being calm were just kind of one day going into the next and lack of opportunity for bullshit/me unknowingly gray rocking them. I've been unsure if there's truly been a positive change or not lately, but if this goes bad then the answer is definitely NO.

And I should deal with that by getting out of here as soon as possible. I do not know how this is going to go honestly, and it's making me very nervous. I'm hoping it goes well, but if it turns into some sort of bullshit or her not giving me a voice/acting like her ears are plugged up with cotton as has happened in the past with some things..... then perhaps I should just get out and not even bother with the whole dance of trying to maintain contact.

Because if they're just fundamentally looking for bullshit as has seemed to be the case at times in the past, what the hell is the point? Still hoping it goes well, but these people have a way of disappointing. Or at least they have in the past. Lately, it has "seemed better", but we all know how that can go of course.



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Re: Wish Me Luck, I Could Be In For Major BS Tonight
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2019, 02:02:33 AM »
Hi Steve - and welcome!  :)

I hope things go well tonight, but IME, I know they can *seem* fine and turn to utter shit in a matter of seconds.

Just know, that no matter what happens, we're *here* for you.  If you want to vent, process, or write, "Arrrrgh!  How the hell did I fall for THAT again!?!?" - many of us have walked in the same shoes, and we understand.

Good luck!