The irony of it all

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The irony of it all
« on: July 15, 2019, 12:51:29 AM »
My PDw doesn’t like it when I feel unhealthy and go to the doctor, because her insurance is first billed, because she is working full time. My secondary insurance Medicare pays the rest. Nevertheless, when my health is compromised, I go to the doctor, and it is real. There have been numerous times that I have been admitted for 3 to 5 days each time. So, I am not making up my symptoms. They are real. She also is scared to lose me. She also likes to try to control me, but my health is more important than her need to control.

All that being said, her “medium counselor” told her to get a mammogram. So, just like a child wanting to please her mother, she is getting that done. If I were to contradict this idea like she has done to me, I could have hell to pay. It is a good idea that she does this for her own health. So, I accept that she needs to do this for her own health. I just wish she could accept the idea that I have the right to preserve my own health!
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Re: The irony of it all
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Yes, your health comes first.

Your health is much more important than her thoughts/emotions/beliefs on the matter.

If you were actually "making up symptoms", which you are not, obviously your health care folks would have told you that by now.

She may never accept your right to manage your health care. You may never feel fully heard by her on this, she may always tend to hassle you. Would it work to just mildly change the topic when she starts in?

Best wishes to you. We do hear you and do understand.