NC, protecting self from abuse vs. holding a grudge

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Re: NC, protecting self from abuse vs. holding a grudge
« Reply #60 on: October 03, 2019, 02:04:22 PM »
No JADE necessary - shit happens, especially where technology is concerned.  :upsidedown:

Today's pet peeve:  I had to return a bunch of calls yesterday, and had no new calls showing, BUT today it shows all those calls as new again.   :stars:

If your DH feels he has no need to block her, that's fine - BUT if she starts abusing his phone/email, it'll be time to plug that leak.   :yes:

If your DH is concerned about your father wanting to leave, your father has other means of leaving than DH. 

He can say he's going for milk  and just not return to the lair, for example.  :ninja:  He can then call a cab and go anywhere - I'd suggest he NOT stay at yours for a couple of reasons:

1.  Do you REALLY want to get in the middle of THAT mess!?!?   :aaauuugh:

2.  PDs are *relentless* in getting what they want, and I wouldn't put it past your mom to cook up a plan to say your father is "leaving" - only to have him stay at yours and attempt to sabotage your NC with lots and lots of FOG.  :doh:

If I thought of it, she'll probably think of it, so just be careful, 'k?  :)

The chances your father is going to leave her are slim to none, truth be told.  Stranger things have happened, but for as much as he might complain, the Dysfunctional Dance *works* for him and he gets something out of it.