Holiday fun is starting early this year

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Re: Holiday fun is starting early this year
« Reply #20 on: December 04, 2019, 08:59:53 PM »
Arkhangelsk, that story is adorable and it warmed my heart! I love it.

I've always told DH he needs to do somewhat of a PR campaign with the school and other parents. He used to feel really awkward about being the only dad in the room or interacting with people that BM might have poisoned against him. Plus, I think he's already sort of behind because they expect the mom to be the one who handles things (and I can't get too mad about that because as far as I can tell pretty much none of the kids' friends dads, divorced or no, are anywhere near as involved in school or anything else). But! That stereotype can work both ways, right? I think he's won over a lot of people by showing up at times when no other dad does. And more importantly BM always shows herself, even if she makes a good first impression. She has gone after the staff, various teachers, other parents, basically everyone over the years. She is also incredibly unreliable so people have learned that they HAVE to call H if they want to get a response about something. And so slowly people have learned to call H and that means that BM is not able to prevent him from getting information from the school, or disrupt playdate invites from other parents. This was certainly a negative outlier. But it's far better than the first year after the divorce, when she went in and removed all his contact information from school forms and pretended like it was somehow H's fault that he wasn't getting correspondence from the school.