uPDbro1 went into rehab....

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uPDbro1 went into rehab....
« on: December 01, 2019, 03:01:10 PM »
Aaaannnnddd "slipped" (only a little according to uPDmom) right back into his old ways, within a couple of days of being out.

Faster than I expected. I thought he'd pretend to be off meth for at least a week.

I had always wondered if he would straighten himself out with the proper help. I suspected he wouldn't, just from the one time he mentioned how meth numbed his autonomic diabetic neuropathy better then the prescribed drugs used for those symptoms.

He went into detox for 3 weeks first. He had an argument with me during that time, because silly me didn't feel like hearing him lie to me (again) about why I kicked him out of my house anymore. He was on a angry pity trip and busy blaming me for not "at least" trying to help him! I almost felt guilty for the argument during a time when he was Suffering from withdrawal, but he brought it up and I'm tired of being blamed for the consequences of his choices!

Then he was in rehab for about 1-2 weeks before he got invited to live with our sister, temporarily.

Had he stayed in rehab, they would've helped him get a place to live, get help for his diabetic needs, and provide or hook him up with the therapy and skill set courses he would need to get back out into society and function in a successful way. Oh well...

Within the first 2 days out, he got meth again. Got a new girlfriend (how and where does he find these girls so fast!) that's nice and apparently loaded. Stole a gigantic dog that was being severely abused by its owner. Is going around saying he got his driver's license renewed (he never had a licence before, so I highly doubt this).

A month later, he is kicked out of sis's home for drug use. He was supposed to find the dog he stole a new home, buuuuut has decided to stay with his girlfriend since day 2 and left the dog at sis's house. He has both abandoned it but wants to keep it and has gotten angry that sis found it a new home through an animal abuse organization. The dog's presence is terrifying one of sis's kids.

 She's a lot nicer about the dog situation than I would've been. I would've left it at pet shelter within 5 minutes of it making my kids scream or cry. I try not to think too hard on the fact that she choose to let one of her children be terrorized by a gigantic dog in her home, just to be a known as a good person (poor kid has been having night terrors about getting eaten by the dog). I would've chosen my kids over a unknown animal.

So, same old, same old.... I had hoped for the best for him but he seems unhappy yet happy? with this way of life. There's no helping him...


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Re: uPDbro1 went into rehab....
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2019, 08:26:37 PM »
I'm so sorry. It's so hard to feel helpless in these situations. Sometimes choosing to do nothing is the best course of action, but it's still really hard to watch this unfold.