uPD brother tells sister that he talked to her sociopathic / abusive ex

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  • I'm sorry in advance. I make a lot of mistakes.
Just as the subject says, my uPD brother told my sister that he talked to her sociopathic abusive ex.
She said that they were drinking, but not drunk and that uPD brother said this to her.
She replied that she was very uncomfortable because doesn't uPD know that her NPD ex abused her, beat her, spit on her, etc.
uPD brother replied that it wasn't a lot of contact. Apparently my sister's NPD ex had reached out to him (uPD brother).
Either way, my sister told me this and was extremely uncomfortable.
She also made it clear that uPD brother should never ever talk about her or give info about her to NPD ex.
She also pointed out how our other brother wanted to kill NPD ex and that everyone else in her life wanted nothing to do with NPD ex.
I mentioned that my H had never even met NPD ex, but heard enough about him that he hated him too.
This is another red flag from uPD brother.
Who does that?