Article for empaths or people with a strong sense of empathy

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Article for empaths or people with a strong sense of empathy
« on: September 20, 2020, 12:51:55 AM »

Wow. Clicked on this on a lark and glad I did.

Even for those who are not into the idea or label of "empaths" I think the article explains why people with lots of empathy often struggle to find their place and to understand why they are treated differently. She explains that People high in narcissism seek out people high in empathy.

I like her distinction of becoming a conscious vs and unconscious empathy.

What do others think about this article?

This article got me thinking about some questions.

When did you realize your traits as an empathetic person need protecting?

How did you feel when you realized most people you knew socially were not as empathetic as you were? That they didn't feel empathy as often or as deeply as you do?

For me, realizing I needed to become a conscious empathic person without knowing others who were conscious empaths was hard. 

When did you realize that people's narcissism is not your fault? Relatedly, did you / do you struggle with forgiving yourself for the period in life where you were  unconscious about being empathic person?

Why does fog hurt so much for empaths?

Looking forward to reading if others have responses about this Article or these questions it raised for me.