Books that helped with healing that aren't specifically PTSD or PD books

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I was wondering if anyone had any books to recommend to help them on their path to healing. I've read all the big name PTSD books and they were super helpful, but I'm interested in books that are self-help-y but a bit outside of that. To name a few examples:

The Path: Psychomancy by Astora Diam showed me how to use meditation in a way that I hadn't seen described in any books, and it was easy to use the different meditations in this book to help cope with flashbacks and anxiety. So funny that this is supposed to be a spirituality book!

Carl Jung had fascinating things to say about the mind and is an author I hold dear. His work on exploring the shadow is more than excellent and was foundational in helping me explore the darker parts of my life and my feelings on them.

The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle was a very upbeat and uplifting book with an interesting philosophy behind it.



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Re: Books that helped with healing that aren't specifically PTSD or PD books
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Hi Demandswillbemet,
I agree with you that Jung and Tolle have interesting points to make along the healing journey. I have also looked closely into Buddhism, although ultimately found it very hard for me as I donít feel I can currently live up to some of the precepts (maybe itís just not for me in this lifetime  :) - I keep coming back to it and then giving up).
I am basically a pragmatic person, so the following book really spoke to me. I will also post it in the books section.