"Its a Sin " (TV drama UK) "Valery the Bordeline Queen."

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"Its a Sin " (TV drama UK) "Valery the Bordeline Queen."
« on: February 23, 2021, 12:18:20 PM »
Wondering if anyone saw this. It was about a group of young gay flat mates in London, in the 80s and how the Aids pandemic ruined their lives. Very good drama well acted and written.

From a PD perspective the narcissism of some of the characters was obvious , but the last episode starring one of the characters mothers, Valery , Wow what a classic description of the Borderline Queen.  Having a meltdown in the hospital as  she realises her obviously  "Golden child" son is both gay and dying of aids.

She rants and rails at everyone around her. But as another mother points out to her state of denial. "Your son is 30 and you never realised he was gay. What were you looking at?"

The physical assault of her husband in the next scene because he s crying at the impending death of his son.

She responds by taking him home and refusing him contact with his friends who desperately want to see him and him them. She lies to both them and him without compunction.

Hes lying in bed trapped and enmeshed by her once again just liken he was as a child. She even plays him a record he liked when he was a little boy! He tells her how much he enjoyed all his many sexual encounters (trying to get her to face up to reality), but her face is one of incredulity. He then pleads forgiveness. (His promiscuousness was a form of sex addiction. Addiction is often a short term fix for lack of true love and affection)

But the friend (Jill) confronts her with the truth after hes died. "You killed him. Cos he died of shame. He saw aids was a punishment for who he was. He grew up in a home devoid of love" 


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Re: "Its a Sin " (TV drama UK) "Valery the Bordeline Queen."
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2021, 01:16:43 PM »
Hi, I watched this drama too and thought exactly the same thing, however, I did think about it in a positive way too  His friends saw the true person he was, something his parents never saw.  I thought the drama was absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking at the same time.  It's awful that the awareness of Aids wasn't raised earlier and then so many more lives could have been saved.  It was viewed as something to be ashamed of, because of the stigma surrounding homosexuality.  Thank goodness things are different now.  It was lovely so see how some of the other characters had such a good relationship with their parents.  It was very well written and researched.