Cluster B's Don't Love

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Cluster B's Don't Love
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:05:57 AM »
A short video from AJ, with an important message.

When we aren't aware our current partner has a Cluster B PD, we naturally assume that the loving person from the start of the relationship will magically reappear, so we stick it out.

But even when we know (or suspect) that our partner has BPD/NPD, we still think they are capable of Love.
You will see some people on the various boards when confronted with this information, will still try and convince themselves that their other half is capable of Love by posting things like "My other half has very mild traits" or "My partner's not like other people's partners. They are very loving.", etc.

But the sad truth is, if they are Cluster B, and unless they're several years into very intense therapy (and that's still not a guarantee), then they just don't have the capacity to Love someone else, because they lack Empathy, and lack the self-love to even know what Love is in the first place.

Anyway, AJ says it best: