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« on: June 01, 2009, 10:49:16 PM »
Welcome to the Workplace forum, an online haven for discussions relating to personality-disordered behavior on the job.

When you know someone at work who shows signs of struggling with symptoms of personality disorder (PD), it can be uniquely challenging to find a proper coping strategy because PD conduct can have such a far-reaching impact on the entire work environment.  If you have an unpredictable supervisor seemingly given to random moods, it's hard not to hope that the mood will just happen to be a good one when performance review time rolls around.  And if you are the one in the workplace who has someone with volatile personality swings reporting to you, how many times can you counsel your employee to control behaviors that are so obviously not under control?  An unreliable and temperamental team member can delay, even sabotage, the best organized project.  Your customers, your contractors, and even your colleagues both on the job and in professional associations can sometimes show surprising sides of themselves that are destructive to organizational goals and bring into question the value of continuing the work relationship.

There are times when the "ordinary" stresses of the workplace seem capable of getting the better of anyone.  Dealing with PD behavior in a work setting can make the weight of the usual workday stress even heavier.  This forum is for discussing experiences in dealing with that stress when the added burden of coping with coworkers with PD behaviors is involved.