About Goal Setting

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About Goal Setting
« on: September 16, 2013, 09:50:22 AM »
This forum is a safe place to store your goals of what you would like to achieve.  Setting goals can help us move forward, and give us something to focus on while we are working our way through day to day issues.  Goals can change, be amended or added to over time as we either achieve them, or determine new goals as our lives unfold.

Goals should be...

realistic, relatively within our control, and focussed on us. 

For example, a goal of winning the lottery is not something within our control, but a goal of clearing debts is a reasonable objective that is.

Some may be short term, or long term - it doesn't really matter.  It is more important that we set some sort of goal to help us develop, recover and move on with our lives.

This area is goals for us, by us - not about someone else dictating what our goals should be, or creating impossible targets that we can never hope to achieve.  Neither is it focussed on the PD person or people in our lives - they have to want change for themselves.

So what are your goals?

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