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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Are there instructions for using the board functions?

See our Help Directory

What are the rules for posting on the board?

See our Member Guidelines

How can I be sure that a family member can't discover me posting about them here?

Here are some ideas that can help:
  • Don't use a member name that people can identify you with.
  • Don't use identifying information such as place names, people names, pet names etc. in your posts.
  • Don't mention anything about the site to people in your circle.
  • Use a screensaver with  a password that only you know on your computer and smartphone.
  • Don't stay logged "forever" at the site.
  • Erase your browsing history after visiting the site.
  • Use a "private" or "Incognito" setting on your browser when you visit Out of the FOG. This erases browsing history automatically when you close the browser.
  • Close the browser when you are done visiting the site.

I can see my own email address in my profile - Is my email address visible to others on the board?  What about my IP address?

Our forum is set up where members and guests can not see other member's email OR their IP addresses.  You [and the admin/moderators] can see your IP address on your posts - no other members can see this.

There is an option at registration to allow other registered members to send you an email. If you check this box, a little  icon appears under your profile and you may receive emails from other registered members. They will not see your email address unless you reply directly to them. The board forwards the message to your email address on their behalf.

To disable the email option, click on the "PROFILE" tab at the top of the page, then click "Account Settings" then uncheck the box next to "Allow users to email me"

Understand that you and the administrators/moderators WILL still be able to see your email address even though you have unchecked this box. However, rest assured that it is hidden from other members and guests. This is a frequent question members ask and we have checked many times.

Please also note that if you elect to use the board to send an email to others who have checked the box, your email address will be revealed to them in the reply field of any email sent.

What do I do if a family member discovers me posting about them here?

Refer to the "Confidentiality"  section of our Member Guidelines
Change your membername - this will change the name displayed for all your posts - past present and future.
Add some misdirecting information to your posts - include some detail such as a job, location, age, etc that couldn't possibly apply to you.
Request Moderators to erase up to 3 of your posts - see the section on "How do I edit/delete my posts"

How do I erase/edit one of my posts?

You can edit or delete your own post for up to one hour after it has been posted. After that you can request one of the moderators to edit it. Note that only one moderator edit of up to 3 posts maximum is permitted per member. All subsequent requests will be declined.

I posted in the wrong forum. How do I move my post to a different forum?

Hit the "Report to Moderator" link under your post.

How do I change my member name?

You can change your member name by going to Profile->Account Settings and changing the "Name" Field. Note that you will still use your original name to log in to the forum.

How do I customize my member profile?

You can customize your profile after you make at least 27 posts in the forum. You'll see additional links under "Profile" after 27 posts.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget/misplace your password, please don't create a new account  Go to the login screen, click on the "forgot your password" link. 

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your own account at Profile->Actions->Delete This Account

How long do the posts we write stay on this site?

We delete all posts and inactive memberships after 5 years.

How do I use the quote function?

See this thread

What do all the acronyms mean?

See our List of Acronyms

What do I do if I see a term that I don't recognize?

See our Personality Disorders Glossary

How do I report an inappropriate post?

If you see something that concerns you posted on one of the forums click on the "Report to Moderator" link at the bottom of the post.

How do I report an inappropriate Personal Message?

If you see something that concerns you posted on one of your Personal Messages click on the "Report to Admin" link at the bottom of the post.

How can I protect myself from unwanted pm off board communications? Can I block viewing certain posts?

Members may individually choose to limit or eliminate accepting personal messages from others on the board. 

Here's how to control your pm functionality:
Go to Profile, Forum Profile, Modify Profile, Personal Messaging, Receive Personal Messages From...

There are four choices - all members, all members except those on ignore list, buddies and admin only, admin only.

To add someone to your buddy or ignore list go to Profile, Forum Profile, Buddies / Ignore list.

The choice is up to you and you're in full control of who can or cannot communicate with you in personal messaging. If someone is on your ignore list their posts will display blank with a link to click to view the full post.

How can I customize PM settings and receive notifications when I have a PM?
How to get to the PM settings menu:
Click: Forum Profile, Click Modify Profile to open drop down menu, select Personal Messaging, and that will open up the settings menu for you.

You can then customize your settings for Personal Messaging. There is a box you can tick that will show a pop up when you log in letting you know you have PMs.

Can I post Links to other Sites?

We have specific rules for posting links. Refer to the "Posting Links"  section in the Member Guidelines

Can I advertise my site/blog/service on this site?

Refer to the "Posting Links"  section in the Member Guidelines

How does the warning system work?

Refer to the "Warning System"  section in the Member Guidelines

What should I do if I object to the actions of one of the moderators?

Send a PM to one of the Administrators listed in the Forum Leaders Directory.

What do the different colored squares and member groups mean?

Colors represent member groups -
Red - Admin and Retired Admin
Blue - Moderator
Green - Host
Yellow - Registered member

The number of yellow squares correlates with the number of posts:
New Member  *          1 post, must pass verification to send PM
Jr. Member       **        27 posts, may post links and customize profile
Full Member    ***      100 posts, may participate in leadership polls
Sr. Member      ****    500 posts   
Hero Member  *****  1000   posts

Refer to the "Member Groups"  section in the Member Guidelines

How does one become a moderator or administrator?

See our Leadership Guidelines

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