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« on: October 23, 2017, 01:13:04 PM »
When posting please consider a useful and meaningful subject line to help others find and reference information. Please include the title of the video either in the subject line or the first line of your post.

Welcome to this new forum board section! Do you have a video, blog post or web article recommendation? Something that touched you, helped you to understand yourself, your loved one or certain relationship dynamics? Maybe you found something that gave you valuable insights and tools that have assisted you on your own journey into recovery from your disordered relationship?

We're interested!

Please use this section to share with the community resources having to do with personality disorders, disordered relationships, and recovery tools for the Non PD.

Guidelines for posting links and resources :

Posting links:

It's OK to share about resources or websites that you enjoy, are involved in or that have helped you. However, it's not OK to "link-bomb" the site with irrelevant or excessive information. Here are some rules for posting links:

- All links must be related to coping, recovery and personal growth from a relationship with an individual who suffers from a personality disorder.
- All links posted must be accompanied with a paragraph summarizing the main content of the link.
- All links posted must be accompanied with a paragraph describing why it is important to the poster.

You may include a link to your own blog or other relevant site in which you are personally involved in your signature line only. This link and it's contents must not reveal your own identity or the identity of other individuals whom may have written about on the board and must not solicit any sale, business or personal interaction with board members which is previously prohibited here.

Anyone quoting references or specific information about personality disorders such as clinical studies, published articles etc. must reference the original source of the information and provide a link to the information whenever possible.  This is both as a legally required courtesy to the original authors of the content and so that the information posted can be evaluated in its original context by our readers.

Spam posts and direct solicitation of business, personal contact and direct marketing of products, services, websites, blogs & books or events for organizations, charities, individuals and groups is not permitted, subject to immediate removal and will result in a loss of the members posting privileges.

OOTF can't guarantee the quality or security of links posted by members at our site. Before clicking on any links posted by members, please use caution to protect yourself from phishing, scamming and viruses.
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Every interaction w/ PD persons results in damage-plan accordingly, make time to heal
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