Examples of medium chill and nonchalance

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Examples of medium chill and nonchalance
« on: May 20, 2018, 12:56:55 PM »
Recently, there has been a lot of disagreement and contentiousness in my workplace among the higher ups.  I've found that when I gently express an opinion favoring one side of the other, both sides will often place the blame for any disagreement on me  :stars:.  I've had to use a great deal of medium chill, just calmly stating facts, and not get drawn in if one of them becomes aggressive.

I ran across this humerous example of a woman keeping calm when a reporter questioned her about her political beliefs.  I'm thinking it may be useful to watch examples of people who are able to keep calm in situations where is disagreement, whether or not I agree with them, as a way of training myself to keep calm in difficult situations.

Here is a link:

And some things discussed towards the bottom of the link:
"What advice would you give anyone who finds themselves ambushed by one of these people?
They’re so hostile and aggressive. I mean, I think you just do your best. I think you keep in mind what they’re trying to do is get a reaction out of you..."

It’s almost the same rule for Twitter. Don’t get mad.
For sure. Like, don’t make a spectacle out of how mad you are. I think they want people to get mad."

 "I think I reflexively had this very nonchalant demeanor."

"That’s funny that you say you were nervous because I think the general reaction has been, Oh my God, she is playing it so cool… "

In my workplace situation, I think the nonchalance is critical, but I'd better keep any "you people have like worms in your brain honestly" thoughts about my superiors to myself  ;)!
"If you can cut yourself – your mind – free of what other people do and say…and what the whirling chaos sweeps in from outside…then you can spend the time you have left in tranquility. And in kindness. And at peace with the spirit within you. " ~ Marcus Aurelius