Mothering Ourselves: Help and Healing for Adult Daughters, by Evelyn Bassoff PhD

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Lizard Huntress

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I can't recall where I saw this book referenced, but I'm very glad I purchased it.  I found it used in hardback and don't think it's in digital form.  It was published in 1991.  I see it on ABE books for about 4 bucks.

What I like about this book is that it's sort of pre-jargon.  More words, fewer abbreviations, which is easier for me to read.  It draws on a variety of sources including literature.  This really got my brain into a creative mode as I read.  It is more focused on the daughter's journey toward self-definition, something that has to happen whether there is a disorder in a parent or not.  So it feels like a positive approach, building, not so focused on deficiencies experienced.  Very empowering.

I loved the chapters on nature and creativity as sources of healing.   This book isn't better or worse than more clinically written texts.  Just different and quite welcome, to me.   



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Hi lizard huntress,

Thanks for talking about this book. I'm going to look for a copy. Feel free to share other things about this book that you found helpful.

It sounds like it was an early work on how to overcome NPD mothers. I'm really curious about the ideas related to nature and creativity.