Podcast: The Negative Mother Complex on the podcast This Jungian Life

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As a survivor of uNPDm, I was intrigued by this episode and had to feel ready to listen to it. Over the years I've read so much about mothers, and this would be the first episode from this show. I wasn't sure it would be what I wanted to hear at this particular point in my recovery.

I really enjoyed this episode. I think that Jungian theories about our development have resonated with me for a long time.

This episode does not focus on NPD. I am more than 10 years NC. For me this episode was helpful to understand how the negativity my parents possessed, affected me. And why I will recover from this negativity complex, but they probably won't. Jungian theorists beloeve in a subconscious and in good therapy , our subconscious material becomes more available to our conscious.

My first years NC I remained in denial about the negative mother complex that my subconscious and body, was holding on to.

A lot of energy is used to hold it in, and these 3 folks talk about that without promoting a shaming of people like me,  who come into adulthood having absorbed what their parents projected onto them. I really appreciated this.

I liked the informed way they unpacked the effect of a negative mother, on her children.

Something that may resonate with many of us here, is their discussion about how we end up meeting others, throughout our life, who treat us with the same criticism and negativity (judging, neglecting) that we met in our childhood, when we met our mother figure.

They also explain some of how they treat clients who are angry. This was interesting for me to hear the analysts perpective on anger, since I myself am now of the opinion that healing does involve understand our anger.

I hope this information is useful to others looking for podcasts that touch on issues to do with recovery from PD parenting.



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Re: Podcast: The Negative Mother Complex on the podcast This Jungian Life
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Thanks so much !
Every interaction w/ PD persons results in damage. Plan accordingly, make time to heal
Individuation is the key to emotional freedom
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