Article: 4 Ways to Stop Dysfunctional Ppl from Leaving their Sh*t on our Doorste

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"We are dragon hearted beings who can firmly say, “Please don’t leave your sh*t on my doorstep.”



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Great article!  Thank you for sharing it here.  Recognizing and acting what is "my stuff" or "their stuff" is so important.  I find my personal weakness is trying to take responsibility for someone else's feeling.  This article helped with that clarity.


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Good article, punchy and well written.

I know that 'taking responsibility for someone's feelings " schtick. Managing my mother's emotional crises from a young age burned that deep into my brain. It's almost a super power! It's what made me vulnerable to men with PDs, that and a few other classic co-dependant traits. Luckily I know this now, my emotional regulation is greatly improved and I have a great measure of peace. Been a long time coming..

Here's to all the dragon hearted people on the forum.
It gets better. It has to.