Is this what covert NPDs do?

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Is this what covert NPDs do?
« on: April 24, 2021, 05:52:10 PM »
I have suspected my sibling to be covert npd. I was their supply. As an Fe function I tend to get emotionally reactive depending on how others feel. However, I bottle them up. Also, they always talk to me in a supercilious, sarcastic manner.. like it’s their style of talking. Always tried to “help me” as if there is something wrong.

I cut contact with them and have maintained it. They couldn’t get through to me through my family. My family said she had started acted distant and cold lately. My dad had gout and the narc stopped caring for them and I heard something happened where they smacked his hand out of the way that hurt him. The narc even abandoned the car (that family bought for them) in a parking lot. Which to me seemed like a callous thing to do. Why not simply return it? They got into an argument when my parents wanted them to leave the house.. to which they then abandoned the car. They got into an argument because she wasn't doing anything beneficial for herself by hiding away in her room yet gets really angry if this was mentioned.

The father in the family had cancer shortly after. And he was really worried about the narc. We tried to go talk to the narc to convince them to go see him since he is passing away. And he was concerned about the argument leaving things in a bad note. But they have cut all contact..only their new partner knows, who is also helping them in not speaking with us. We sent emails about it, no response either. Is it her new partner that is telling her not to contact us? Should I tell dad that she is covert npd or would this cause more hurt?

tldr: my dad has cancer and only has a few months to live. my family has been trying to contact NPD but with no response. (not appearing at work) we just left emails at this point. she has also abandoned everything (the car that was given to her, we don't have her phone no). i am not sure if she has chosen to ignore it or her partner chose to withhold this information from her and told her not to talk to us. i am just concerned that she will never be able to say goodbye.
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