Psychology in Seattle

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Psychology in Seattle
« on: June 03, 2021, 11:14:13 AM »
Hello all,

I just thought I shared a YouTube channel I find great comfort listenning to: "Psychology in Seattle".

This channel covers topics related to narcissism and personality disorders among other subjects, and it has a different angle than other channels that are solely dedicated to narcissistic personality disorder. I started out by listening to deep dive podcasts about a couple of  serious abuse cases by celebrities.  Then, I listenned to the host's other content. What I like about this channels is that the host (who is a therapist) has quite a gentile approach to topics he covers  and listenning to him makes me feel OK about who I am. I have also found a lot of validation in his reaction videos to reality TV shows. I always wonder if I'm the impatient or intolerant one who can't handle people's shortcomings. Seeing him reacting to situations that resemble real life ones helped me feel better about how I view things (i.e. I'm not the crazy or intolerant one). 

For those who like to take a look, here is a link:

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